Urban Nature Culture candle holder Both Sides recycled glass, trellis

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Recycled glass

Spring and summer may be the seasons of light, but there will always be some darkness to the night. Chilly spring mornings, before the blossoms have flowered, or stormy summer nights – as thunder takes away the heat, call for a moment of reflection. So light a candle on Urban Nature Culture’s candle holder Both Sides, and let it brighten your senses. This clever, handmade candle holder can be used on both sides. A tealight fits the top, but if you reverse it, a pillar or block candle can be placed. Available in beautiful Trellis or Apricot Orange – to fit your urban interior or light up your outdoor spaces.

  •  Trellis
  •  Ø 11 * 10 CM
  •  284